Jul 22 2013
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Online Lagging Issues

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Recently ive been experiencing online lagging issues in multiple games. I don't know what it is and im a wear that others are experiencing issues as well with the new update. With my problem, one minute im in a certain stop in a game next thing you know im in a different location. Its really irritating me and I want to know if there is a way to fix it or if others are experiencing what im experiencing. I know that it is not a connectivity issues because I already deleted files in my utility folder, ive reset my router and made sure the fire wall can except it. I even let my PS3 cool for 2 days and I still have the same problem.

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Re: Online Lagging Issues

Jul 22, 2013

Other than setting up your PS3 with a Static IP and changing the Primary and Secondary DNS Servers to something other than the default ones then putting the new Static IP in a DMZ on your router while making sure you have all the ports open for the specific games you are playing, I can't think of anything. Unless go wired if you are using wireless or upgrade your internet connection speed.

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