Apr 07 2013
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No funds are added but they charged me the money

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A few days ago I took the option of carrying my purse recently my Sony Entertainment Network account using the PayPal payment option. Unfortunately I found out just now that the job has been done but I have deposited the money in my account as appropriate, in fact when I do this process throw me a message in yellow indicating that the same would not have been completed.


What I can do to fix this problem with money because Paypal will not let me enter the case as a result of a dispute that the transaction number is special?

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Re: No funds are added but they charged me the money

Apr 7, 2013

PAYPAL won't work for alot of users As they FAKE there addresses details on Accounts as well as PSN ID account status...

PAYPAL will ORIGINALY SAY the transaction was fine but in fact the transaction is not Fine and SCE and PAYPAL will argue over the account details for about a Month.

Then PAYPAL status Will magicly change to CANCELLED with out any warning and your account will be credited the amount back.


Fake Address details are normaly the cause...

Your order LOCATION will be sent with the transaction... When this location fails to match the Location of the PSN ID. SCE will say that this is FAKED address and You have failed to pass sercurity checks and tell PAYPAL computer to BLOCK and refund the tranaction...


US PSN account needs, US addressed  PAY PAL account from US IP address normaly to pass credit checks.



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