May 18 2013
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No add funds to wallet option on psn account?

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It tells me on my son's account he has no money in the "master wallet" I have money in my account but can not use it in his..I want to add money to his so we can get him some avatars and apps, but there is no option to add money...I forgot how I set it all up when I got the ps3, or even how to access the "master account" ...I figure it is a setting or parental block, but no idea how to find or fix it.

I've been through my account, my wifes account and the ps3 menus...please helpSmiley Frustrated

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Re: No add funds to wallet option on psn account?

May 18, 2013

Sign on your master account.

In the XMB, go to "Network > Account Management > Sub-Account Management > Parental Control"

There should be an option in there to allow or disable Sub accounts from making purchases in the PS Store / Adding funds to their wallet.

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