Dec 07 2013
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New Movie Rental Expiration Cutoff Policy

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Before tonight, anytime I rented a movie via the PS Store had an expiration applied after the rental transaction process and an expiration applied after watching a movie initially....which is/was completely understandable. Every time after watching a new movie, of which were of the blockbuster or hit variety, I would go back and watch it again the next day...before the expiration time occurred. Every one of those occurred just before the expiration time given, and the movie would play in its entirety. Until now.

If the expiration was at 8pm, and I started watching it for the 2nd time at even 7:50 pm of same day...the movie would play from beginning to end, as long as it was started before the cutoff expiration time. After that cutoff time, it would show expired and understandably...but it didn't cutoff in the middle of the movie when stated time occurred.

It was a nice thing about renting movies through the PS Store. You knew as long as you began before the cutoff time you could see it again, even if were unable to prior in the day until right before it. And now it just cuts off?
I can't be the only one that was able to at least see the duration of the movie as long as it started playing before the cutoff, and know I am not mistaken at the times when I watched (as in not knowing when I started the movie as pertaining to the expiration time).

If others already had this occurring naturally...being cutoff like this...I only know it is very new to me, as I watched most every film a second time and played past the expiration if starting before. Need to revert back and allow the film to finish if begun playing before expiration time, if after that time one starts, then of course.
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