Jan 30 2013
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Network Unavailable - Workaround Found

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I recently purchased a new PS3 as my old one finally went kaput (RIP). However, when I tried to sign in to the network so I could download all of my games/packs, I would receive "Network Unavailable".


Here's what I had done previously: 


I had my new PS3 hooked up via an ethernet cable, and could confirm that the internet browser does work and it is able to download all updates for games/hardware. 


I had verified that my media servers were disabled, I had verified that the date/time was set to automatically detect, and I had power cycled the modem/router as well as the PS3 itself. All other devices in the house were working fine on the internet connection.


Here's how I fixed it:


Rather than trying to sign in to PSPlus or the PSStore, I went to PSHome - it allowed me to input my username/password. Once I had signed in, I was then able to sign in to PSPlus and the PSStore. 



I hope this helps other people who are still having the same issue.



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Re: Network Unavailable - Workaround Found

Aug 13, 2013

It solved my problem! Thanks a lot!

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