May 30 2013
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Network Settings Error

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Hi guys, please help me with this one.... 


So my dad set the settings and all under the website... in order to only let me play for several hours Smiley Sad By the way, i using tp-link.


So then I struggled with the settings and all ... don't know how to set and stuffs... 


But the wireless connection in the ps3 worked after my dad allowed the ip address to pass through... However, the wireless connection isn't that strong so I keep disconnecting.


Now, I rather use wired connection since its faster but I don't know how to set it...


I tried to copy the info from the tp-link's server and enter it into the wired connection custom settings in the ps3 but some of the settings required was not in the server , ex: hopc or something like that....


Please help me guys !Smiley Sad

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Re: Network Settings Error

May 30, 2013
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