Apr 29 2014
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Need help with PSN for my Ps3!

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About two or three weeks ago, I went to check the Psn on my ps3 and it said that it was down for maintenance which I assumed was correct and just went on playing single player games and a few days later I tried again and it was still apparently down for maintenance which I thought must have just been bad timing. I have checked twice a day since then and every time I try go on the Playstation network to see what DLC, Demos or anything thats been added, It just says it's down for maintenance. I'm planning on calling Sony tomorrow but thought I would finally try to fix this issue. Honestly I can live without going onto psn but I would like to get this issue fixed.


So if anyone knows about this issue and any possible fixes, I would appreciate any help!

I will update this post tomorrow with what Sony has to say about it for anyone else that might have this issue.


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Re: Need help with PSN for my Ps3!

Apr 29, 2014

If you're having a problem with the store then delete the store app and reinstall it.  Select the store icon, hit triangle, then delete.  Select the store icon again, hit 'X' and it will reinstall.  Make sure the date and time on your console are correct.


If you're having a problem signing in to the Playstation Network take a look at the following articles:


** Use a unique password for your PSN ID - one you don't use anywhere else **
** Engage brain before putting mouth in gear ** ** two-step verification - use it **

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