Oct 10 2012
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Need help on proper deactivate/activate on my systems.

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I have five systems active.


-The first and the next two were activated before Nov2011.

-Forth was activated in Dec2011 and I just found became my system locked into the new activation limit (2).


So I have my main at my house, three at family members and the last at my GF's, issue is that the system that locked into the new activation is at my moms and I rather it be one at one of my brothers.


Im a tad confused on how to properly deactivate/reactivate my systems to shuffle the activation of new games(after nov2011) from forth to second or third without screwing up having my systems activated to my games that are grandfathered into the 5 share limit.


Also if I deactivate one of my systems do I lose the ability to reactivate it ?(basically lose the ability to have 5 systems active with old content). Im unsure if the systems already active are grandfathered or if its the game content itself, I have read the support pages on the activation limit but found the wording quite confusing.


anyone here done this and know the proper way to do it?


Thank You

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