Aug 13 2011
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Need Old User Accounts, Read (RCG)

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My question is can I get theses user accounts back or at least the games and movies without a password or an email?

My very first account was shakeNbake1991

My Second account was CheGuevara420

Metal Gear Solid PSN PS1

CHEVOLUTION s.d. movie

Just Cause 2 downloads

thats all I can remmber right now I'll add to this post if i do.

One day about 7-9 months ago my system wouldnt log in and it courupted that same week.

I waited a month then I formated my game console and it removed my user accounts from my system I remeber booting up my console and the user accounts were on it. I started it back up and the user account were gone i called playstation but I was so stressed out that it happened that I tried to forget about it.

(before i did that i created NBK_Che_Guevara whitch I still have on my console and it works just fine. After I used and enterd my existing account on the psn)

Around that same time I had a "friend" that called himself a hacker idk if that was true but my system wouldnt log in his gamer tag was what I remmeber "WhiteyRabbit" & "InvaderzMustDie" whiteyrabbit invaderzmustdie. I always felt that I was hacked or maybe even banned from the network.

I hope someone can help me peace out (RCG)

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Re: Need Old User Accounts, Read (RCG)

Aug 16, 2011

There is nothing that anyone in this forum can do for you.  If you don't remember the sign-in e-mail address of the account, then you can't log into it.  The screen name is useless for login, and there is no way online to look up the sign-in e-mail associated with a screen name.  This is one of those times when you have to pick up a telephone (and make a phone call, as opposed to texting).  Only SCEA Customer Service can look up the e-mail address associated with a PSN screen name.  If you think that you remember the date-of-birth, and the security question answer, that was registered with the account; then call SCEA at 800-345-SONY, tell them what the screen names are, and see if they will reset the password for you and tell you the sign-in e-mail address.  They don't have to, but if you know the security information for the accounts, there is no reason why they shouldn't.  If you don't remember the date-of-birth and security question answer for the accounts, you can still call SCEA and ask for help; but your chances of getting it would be significantly diminished in that case.

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