Oct 03 2013
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i just purchased nhl 14 through the playstation store and for some reason its not showing up on my ps3.. and when i go to try to re download it it does goes thru the bars says download complete and then says installation complete.. im **bleep** **bleep** cuz i just dropped 60 bucks for this thing and cant find it anywhere!! any help would be greatly apprecieated... and i tried calling the customer support line but cant get thru to a live operator.. HELP

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Re: NHL 14 PLZ HELP!!!

Oct 3, 2013

its posible it only downloaded the unlock key,


go to you download list and look for the NHL14 thats big like in the GBs size the key will be small like 10KBS, if they are both there redownload the larger file


if only the unlock key is there, you can download the DEMO which the key will unlock to the full version



hope that helps

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