Dec 27 2013
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NHL 14 Digital Download Questions

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HI all,


I've just gotten to downloading NHL 14, purchased the funds on my PSN from a local store's Playstation Network gift-card-type things. Redeemed the codes and paid the money, currently downloading it.


Strangely, unlike all my other games that I've digitally downloaded from the PSN - NHL 14 (I was unaware of this prior to downloading it), downloads with the title: "NHL 14 Digital Download Preview". I'm concerned that I'm not getting the full game? However, the file size is the same on the PSN Store's game page for NHL 14, and the download screen itself. (PSN page says: 6.7GB, Download screen says: 6861MB - they amount to the same thing).


Just wondering what the deal is with this, "Digital Download Preview" thing. Am I getting the full game?





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Re: NHL 14 Digital Download Questions

Apr 4, 2015

Yeah I'm currently having this "scare" here. If I get charged extra to play online, I'm going to be **bleep** off. I could've just gone to the store and gotten a hard copy for less and a free online pass code thing... 

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