Dec 24 2012
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NAT1 ... everything works but multiplayer?!

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Hi all...


I have a bizarre problem.  I have what seems to be a great internet connection --


All tests succeed, UPnP is disabled, NAT Type 1, connection speed is 12.6 Mbps / 577.4 kbps.


I can communicate with friends online, go to the store, sync trophies... but I can't seem to see any rooms in online games.   This is fairly recent -- I thought it was a bug with the last game i was playing (NFS:MW), but now it's happening in other games.


I have no idea what to do because most online help I've found is trying to get you to NAT1... but I already have that.  So I'm really unsure what might be wrong, or how to fix it.


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Re: NAT1 ... everything works but multiplayer?!

Dec 24, 2012

okay, i enabled UPnP on my router, and then in my settings... so now it says 'Not Available' instead of Disabled.

Still no luck playing online though.  The store, etc, still work fine.

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