May 26 2011
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NAT Type 3 Fix!!!

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i searched and searched online for hours to fix my nat type 3 problem you see nat type 1 and 2 are ideal 1 is connected straight to the internet 2 is through a modem or router and 3 is limmited connectivity most things i read or watch on how to fix my problem resulted over and over again in failer. i was stumped opening ports didnt work MW2 (the jesus disk) was a false prophet NOTHING I READ WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so im posting this... i fixed it (yes) i am your savior... i was double nating... in other words my internet was recieving 2 ip addresses at once... one from my modem and one from my router  (Wired connection... should work for wireless as well but idk)


                                                   my modem is an embarq 660 series and my router is a netgear

                                                                                                  (should be simalar no matter what)

☻you will want to hook your desktop/laptop straight to the internet (IE. Wall --> Modem --> computer tower)

☻go to your command prompt  (go to run type cmd)(or just type cmd in your search bar in your start menu... Vista)

☻type in ipconfig

☻find IPv4...............198.XXX.X.X <---something like that(but with numbers) {{thats your modems ip}}

☻ type in the ip address into your web browser (IE,Firefox ETC)

☻it will take you to a page for your modem

☻find the Setup


☻☻ you will need to set up your Modem as a bridge☻☻

☻i was able to just set the type of settings to bridge on my modem

like i said i have an Embarq 660 series modem this has nothing to do with my netgear router this fix will make it seem your modem is not getting internet (the green internet light will not be on) because it is passing through the modem straight to the router. once you have completed the steps set everything back the way it was and your nat type should now be nat 2 if you have any questions add me and i will try and help but pleases TRY ALL THE STEPS FIRST AND DO SOME THINKING ON YOUR OWN (i just dont want to be bombarded with stupid questions...

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Re: NAT Type 3 Fix!!!

May 26, 2011

See if this helps at all, if not come back to us.


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