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Re: My psn account got stolen

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Jan 3, 2014

xBaDmAnx123 wrote:

Dear PSN I

had a account my ID was **BLEEP**, i gameshared with a guy called**BLEEP** and he changed the password and does not want to give it back i tried to go on forgotten your password but the email i had was wrong and doesnt exist because i've put the numbers in the email in the wrong place and i try to send new password link onto a email but it doesnt exist however i also tried changing the email where to send the link onto it sends the new password link on my other email but when i change the password it says password succesfully changed but when i go on my ps3 i type the new password in but it doesnt work. what do I do? can you help me please

you'll have to call sony support and see if they'll help you. remember that gamesharing is against their TOS, so don't be surprised if they won't help you.
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