Jan 09 2014
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My ps3 un-installed minecraft full version

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Hey guys,

     I got minecraft like a week ago when I was signed in on another psn account. It worked on the other accounts on the ps3 fine fore a week. Then someone I think hacked my account and changed my password. So I copied the files to my new  psn account I made  and deleted that account. Then I go on to minecraft and it says I did have the full version. So I went to the store and it said I haven't even bought it. So I go into my game storage and it says my worlds are still saved but I don't have the game. **bleep**. Please help me or get the game for me cause right now I feel ripped off.


old account online id: DarkThunderEagle

new: Darkthunder843

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Re: My ps3 un-installed minecraft full version

Jan 10, 2014

You cannot transfer purchases from one PSN ID to another.  It's been this way since the PS3 launched years ago.  Nobody ripped you off.

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