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Sep 25 2012
By: S044238750 First Son 1 posts

My founds didnt come!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello PLAYSTA.TION TEAM.I am 19 and i have a job.I've saved money for 8 months to add them to my playstation account.I saved 200$.I've putted them on my credit card and I went home.I turned on my Playstation 3 and i went to "ADD FOUNDS".I filled all the informations for my credit card and at the end it said that my founds came.But when i went to the Playstation Store ther was 0.00$ in my wallet.I waited for about 5 days but there wasnt any cent in my wallet.When I checked my credit card my  money were gone.So i wanted to contact for help.Im not a thief or a scammer I just feel sad for my money and I want my  founds in my  Account Wallet.I've saved for 8 months!!!!!!!!Im giving u  my PSN Account and I would really appreciate if u would add my founds on my account.

THANK YOU! :smileyhappy:


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Re: My founds didnt come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 25, 2012
You should remove your personal info from this post, also it's spelled Funds. Now for your problem, if you added funds to your account, you would have received a confirmation e-mail, on that e-mail it would list your order number. You need to call sony, and explain your problem and provide your order number, and they can check into it, to make sure what you say is true and that the money was not spent. You can contact them by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of this page.
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Re: My founds didn't come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 25, 2012

Ha, good luck with Sony, and this forum.  I had issues, that I am not going to delve into right now, I have "haters" .  


I agree though, if you do not want more of this to happen, DO NOT include anything personal about you or your system here.  People mine for those gems here.


You are best to try Sony.  It took me about a month of harassing Sony, just so they would do the right thing, reluctantly.  I do wish you luck, but;


Sony don't give no money back.  They are Sony, they will ask the questions HERE!



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