May 17 2011
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My connection to psn network timed out

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Hey this is my first time on the fourms woop woop

But sadly it isnt for a good reason Here is my problem l hear the psn servers are back thats great but for some reason i wont connect to them my internet is all fine , but when i go into test connection this is what happens

Obtain IP address - succeeded

internet connection- succeeded

playsation network-falied

it says down the bottom the connection with playstation timed out

i have updated my ps3 and everything and i am using wired connection if that helps.

I would greatly appreciate any relpys or quick relpys . Thanks alot

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Re: My connection to psn network timed out

May 17, 2011

Keep on trying! The PSN may be back online, but there are a few tinks that they are still working on. It's normal to see a few time outs, while trying to log in during this time.

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