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Oct 01 2012
By: PatsCanes11 First Son 1 posts

My account is active but I can't access it from other users without deleting all of saved games?

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Long story short- I let my friend borrow my ps3 over the weekend. He had to reset it because he has a standard T.V. I get my ps3 back and I reset it to play on HDMI.


Here's the problem: everything got reset. I still have my saved games on my user "X". Since I haven't had to re-enter my password when i sign into the network I totally forgot it. My email(which is the one i use to log into PSN) got hacked and I had to go through a long process to get it back. It's back now. But,


I decided to make a new psn account while on my user "X"( new Email because i thought I was completely locked out of my email at the time, new user name, new password) 


Now that I have my original email back & my original psn name I can't log into my main  psn account account under the first user ("X")

I get the error message of "You cannot sign in using another user's sign-in ID(Email Address) 


So, my questions are


1. Do i have to now delete my main user "X"? I've got a lot of saved games and really don't want to have to delete it. I bought madden 13, registerd the online code through my original psn ID but can't register it through a new ID. So I don't want to lose any money.



Basically....How do I sign back onto my Original PSN ID on my main user after I created a new user?


- I don't intend to use my new username i created. I only did it in fear that my original was lost forever. My original exsists but i can't acsess it along with my saved game data.


Any help would be much appreciated!




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Re: My account is active but I can't access it from other users without deleting all of saved games?

Oct 2, 2012

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


So in a nutshell you've forgotten your password for your original account, is that right?


Have you tried the forgot password option?



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