Mar 20 2013
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My PSN Friends List is Hacked..

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Okay first i want to say is that i have a huge list of purchases on my account, now that i got that out of the way now i want to tell you my real problem.

I was playing Black Ops 2 a while back and ran into some players with their name saying "Activision" on them, when we went into acutal game play where you could hit "select" to view the scoreboard, their name turned into "Activision Devoloper". When the game was over, one of them asked me to add them and i tried but i got an error, they told me i had to log off then log back on so i did then my friends list was blank (Hidden) when i actually had friends, my friends list is full and i can not add anyone nor delete, it says that i have "0" friends online, my friends list is broken.

I come to the Playstation website and i am allowed to view my true friends list and everyone on it, but at the top it will say i do not have any friends online when i actually do on the website.

Is there anyway you could possibly fix this, the delete comment and make comment blank trick does not work.


EDIT: I found out why this is happening, the friend request to the fake account "^5Activision" is pending and its not a real account, its fake and pending which is messing my friends list, if you could get in my account and delete them via data style or something

I have a video i am uploading here soon, im in the middle of proccessing it on my media then ill save then upload it to my youtube.

it is that friend request, i know it is cause i have 3 others friends with the same problem.


Restoring my ps3 will not work because it is PSN RELATED!!! So dont freaking treat me like crap. Its my Friends List! I know it is i have proof by video in link below.

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