Dec 16 2013
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Music Unlimited problems - anybody else?

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Not sure if it's coincidence, but it seems we've had issues with Music Unlimited since the PSN outage last week. None of our Android devices, that previously worked fine, can stream or download offline music any longer. I get either "An error has occured." -- yes, that's a real and complete error. When downloading music for offline, we're seeing "Download is paused by network condition." The app will open and run and act like it's going to work - it just won't actually stream or download anything, despite having no bandwidth issues and everything else seeming to work fine (including the PS3 able to run off the same wifi lan).


On the PS3 app this morning, nothing would show up under "My Library." It worked this evening, though. Streaming through the PS3 app seems fully functional. Yet, even after making sure we quit the PS3 app, we still can't play anything anywhere else - not on the Android app.


Trying to use a browser on the web gives "The server sent an unrecognized response. Please try again later." - but it eventually works. We continue to see those errors while it plays, but it plays. Logging out of the web browser and trying again on the Android app...still broken.

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Re: Music Unlimited problems - anybody else?

Dec 16, 2013
Nothing but problems for me too, it will only ever play three songs while I have a game playing on my ps4 and then it will say "music playback has stopped" and I'll have to open the app again and load my music again. Sony need to do an update where music can be stored on the HDD and we don't have to buy a subscription to yet another service that is riddled with glitches.
Since the firmware update I've found myself constantly kicked from games because of an unexpected error of some description, games don't load properly, music won't work, trophies won't upload to Facebook at all, not really sure if anything is 100% glitch free on this black box of crap. Everything about this console feels rushed, no mp3 support, no video support, no mass storage support, no flash on the browser, next to nothing available via the store, no simple way of switching users, can't even change the blue background for Christ sake! Simple things which haven't been included. I'm not surprised music unlimited doesn't work, just happy to have cancelled my subscription Smiley Happy
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