Nov 09 2011
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Missing in-game Market items on DCU Online help?

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I apologize if i am posting in the wrong section but i wasn't able to post over at DCU Online forums.

On November 7, 2011 I purchased 2 items, one at $4.99 and the other at $0.99. Shortly after the buy, the servers went down. I assumed since I received a confirmation receipt in my email, I just had to wait for the servers to come back up. Once they were brought back, it said my items weren't available in the redeem/claim window, so I decided to give it the night to process on the games end. The next day i called DCU Online support and they made a case and i was told i would be contacted that day. The following day since i had not been contacted, i tried the LiveChat support and after i detailed my case i was responded with "I cannot provide you the answer since they are a different company under the Sony umbrella." I called Sony Playstation and after we found out that it did in fact register on the PSN side, it hadn't done so on DCU, and they directed me to go in-game and ask for a GM/DM. I was then directed to the DCU forums but unfortunately i cant post or create a thread so now im lost. 

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