Mar 08 2013
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Missing funds or something else

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On march 2,  i got an email from sony that gave me a voucher for 10 dollars to expire march 5th. Seeing the experation date I went immediatly to add the funds, which i have never had trouble with before. I come back today and find that the 10 dollars have vanished (my records show I havent purchsed anything). So im confused was the money only legit till march 5 or the voucher, and if it was the voucher....then where did my money go?

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Re: Missing funds or something else

Mar 8, 2013

Check your transaction history under account management.  The $10 reward only had to be redeemed by the deadline.  It did not have to be spent by the deadline.  You may have redeemed the offer too late, but your transaction history should either not contain the $10 credit at all in that case, or it should show that it was reversed later.

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