Nov 11 2012
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Missing Thubnails In The Store

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A few of my downloads, all MW3 related, seem to be missing the thumbnail icons next to their title.  Anyone aware how to fix this, tried Restore File System and Rebuild Database with an agent over the phone with no luck to prop out.  Next step is to restore default settings but I may have lost a password or two, and since the PSN hack last year I dont like to use a lot of actual personal indentifiable info on my accounts.  Sorry SCEA, but you'v shown we cant turst you to keep us informed until you think we need to be and that info can take my entire life away. Smiley Mad


Anyhow, anyone else seeing this?  Go through your list, if you have the patience with the new store, and check if you could.


My final step will be to format but that sucks as I have to save all the data (eight separate PS3 profiles on my machine), get on the PC and move it to a new folder so the next profile data save doesnt overwrite it. Robot Sad

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