Feb 13 2013
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Missing Home Turf DLC (DC Universe Online)

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PlayStation ID: A-FIRE-SALE-
Character Name(s): MRKeKoBABY
Hero/Villain: Hero
Server: PvE
Zone: US / Eastern
Name of Quest/Item/Mob: Missing Home Turf DLC
Approx. Date/Time: 02/01/2013 @ 04:39 PM
Detailed but concise description of the issue: Hello I'm sending this ticket because I bought the DLC ( Home Turf ) and it is not in my possession anymore. I bought the DLC on February 1 and when i got on the next day i went to my base and was unable to use any thing there and my base was set back to 1 story 20x15 room. I would appreciate it back because my league has it and now I'm unable to play with them. I told them i bought it and i haven't been able to play anything that's with the Home Turf DLC. Please return my DLC that i bought and was unable to use. Thank you for reading about resolving this technical issue.

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