Jan 01 2013
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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (MGS2 + MGS3) Share Trophies or no?

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I have the MGS collection on both Vita and Ps3. I Played MGS2 and 3 extensively on my vita and got a lot of trophies. I  Was transfarring, and SOME trophies I earned on my Vita MGS games popped up on my PS3 version, However I was impatient and did not let the game do its thing and quit once the save transfer was complete. I just wanted to transfer my saves quickly.



1) Are trophies earned separately? I don't think they are since I DID earn some for the ps3 version and I haven't even PLAYED the ps3 version of MGS2 and 3 only Vita.

2) Since I quit the game before I got all the trophies, Will the games sync themselves later on? Or Did I eff up royally, and now need to earn the trophies independently?

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