Oct 25 2013
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Madden 25 purchase

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When in the online mode looking at the TOP 100 LEADERBOARD it shows this player as #1 with a record of 134-1

The reason I say he is a cheater because at the begining he was always leading when noone had time to play 100 game with in a few days of release.


Proof: His stats say he averages 58.90 points per game but he only has a total of 589 points. If he played 135 games he shoudl have at least 7,000 points scored for. He also AVG 5.5 TD's per Game which is 4,455 points alone.



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Re: Madden 25 purchase

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Oct 25, 2013

Hey there cornrow.

To report users for malicious PSN actions see this page for more info:

Seeing as this is an EA game you will need to go to them for further investigation. For information on reporting users in EA games see this page:





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