Oct 19 2011
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Madden 2012 "the connection to your peer has been lost"

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I have strong reliable WiFi connection that should not have issues supporting me playing Madden Online.  I always show as 3 green bars, I've run internet tests & my download & upload numbers are reliable.  However, I always lose my connection to the EA Servers, usually before halftime.  In the 20+ games I have attempted in two weeks, only 1 has completed.  All games are with friends now & I know no one is quitting on their end.  Now my friends get a message saying I get kicked out for "grieving" which I'm sure stems from losing the connection to the EA servers. 

I just bought a PS3 two weeks ago for the only reason of online Madden.  I am beyond frustrated.  Any other ideas to trouble shoot??

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Re: Madden 2012 "the connection to your peer has been lost"

Oct 19, 2011

I reviewed all the tips for disconnect & this one stuck out as my possible problem:  intermittent disconnect via user protected pwd wifi.

My ISP knew noting of "stay alive mode" or "connect on demand" for my modem.

Anyone have any insight into this?  Using an ActionTec PK5000

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