May 29 2012
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MODERATORS READ SONY MAY BE FACING LEGAL TROUBLE IF NOT CARED FOR I sent this private message to Tempest_fire ( THE MODERATOR) and still am hoping for a reply. This is strictly important. Im seeking all help.

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Finally, I have found a moderator whos actually active. Hello there! This day has been horrible for me, and i will explain why. I came home too see that my account was suspended..After being unsuspended last week my main account (Sack-_Boyy) So i call sony playstation consumer services, and i ask them whiy i got suspended, They put me on a brief hold. Whilst i was on hold i decide to look at the game i got suspended on MediaMolecules LittleBigPlanet 2. Looking through every single one of my comments, reviews and such and found nothing moderated therfore i wasn't suspended for any of that. " What could it possibly be" I ask my self because i know for sure i did nothing wrong. She removes me off hold, and tells me the horrible news that i am suspended for a month. She tells me the reason was "for a pornographic picture that was showen". automaticly, I know what picture she is talking about, and automaticly knew that this was a false suspension. Allow me to explain, Last week a little girl was being " trolled" and that picture just so happend to be on her profile okay so if you know anything about lbp2, you'll know that you can take pics of stuff. the " pornographic picture" was currently her profile picture.Okay so then one of my friendds took a picture of it too report it because me nor my friends could take such a disgusting image on a kids game if you know anything about lbp you'll know there is a feature called " my moon" where you're allowed to create place pictures and such. Anyway we place the picture on a sticker panel (to report it of course) I asked my friend to report it for me. Little did we know, the report was going to be placed on me. My point is it wasn't my picture nor did i have it saved anywhere. i had in no way anything to do with the picture. all i did was have a friend report the picture. and i get banned? My best guess is that who ever banned me (whatever moderator) Thought i placed that picture in " my moon" therfore he suspended my account. I understand it may of been a mistake but you guys should really have a feature that tells you who placed pictures and what not I understand he assumend it was me because i was host of that party but it wasnt me,unless they have proof which i doubt they have because i know for sure even with  all my evidence and witnesses that i did not have ANYTHING to do with the picture nor did i place it. I simply wanted to report it to help the little girl who was getting " trolled" I asked sony if they can unsuspended me because consumer services totally understood me. and they told me to go too you guys because you guys can do it. I at the very least want days off the suspension. I never really come too the fourms for anything. but this wasnt fair It was a false suspension no doubt. And here is where the legal trouble comes in. You guys suspended me for a month for a mistake you guys commited So i asked sony consumer services i even called the police and told them my situation they told me you guys can get in legal trouble for breaking your own EULA. You guys broke the EULA for suspending me for a false assumpetion. because i broke no rules and you guys are breaking our aggrement and with all the proof i have that i did nothing wrong. I think i'd win to report you guys. I demand to either be unsuspended or for you to put less days on my suspension, Its not fair. You guys suspended the wrong guy. I did not place the picture and i do not find that preposterus to believe. Even if i did place the the pic. It wasnt in my stroage on lbp or anything. therfore i HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PICTURE.therfore the suspension was false. Please man help me. This is urgent i at least need a reply . with some sort of help. I will come too you everyday if i have too You guys are breaking the EULA please reply asap. Even consumer services agrees this was false. I really dont want to report you guys. so please dont hesitate to reply

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Re: MODERATORS READ SONY MAY BE FACING LEGAL TROUBLE IF NOT CARED FOR I sent this private message to Tempest_fire ( THE MODERATOR) and still am hoping for a reply. This is strictly important. Im seeking all help.

May 30, 2012

Just so you know the Moderators who run these Forums, including Tempest_Fire, are here to solely do that, Moderate these Forums, they have nothing to do with the Moderation of the LBP games, that is dealt with separately.

This link may help you, or at least provide you with the avenue you seek:


Customer Service - 1-800-345-SONY (7669)
Account & billing Support -1-877-971-SONY (7669)
Available Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm PST
Live Chat Available Mon-Sat 6am-10pm PST & Sun 6am-8pm PST
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