Aug 09 2013
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Log In Account Issues

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I've been having issues with logging into my accounts lately.


I have two separate accounts. One I used to add money into the PSN account (That was its only purpose) and one I actually used to play on, use the money to buy stuff, etc.


About six days ago is when I first realized that something was wrong with my money account. My accounts have 'Save my password' and 'Log in automatically' on, but they have now stopped working. I tried to use 'forgot my password', and I put in my birthday (This was NEVER changed and I know my birthday) and it says that the information is incorrect. I figured it was no biggie with the money account; I'll just make a new one, which worked fine and still does.


I only realized today that the account I play on now has the exact same issue!! I'm stuck and I have no idea what to do! Please help!

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Re: Log In Account Issues

Aug 9, 2013

You need to contact Playstation customer support by phone or live chat during business hours (  There is nothing that we can do about this type of problem.

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