Sep 19 2012
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Loading Trophies Issue?

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I was playing one of my new PS3 games that I got a little while ago yesterday so after I was finished playing it for the time being I decided to login to my account to load up the trophies that I got for today and noticed that it was being very slow as it would go to 10% then a minute later it would go to 11% and so on so I decided to try again later and it still was being slow so I just waited for the time being and finally got the trophy to load into my account.

I just wanted to know if anyone else had issues yesterday as I was thinking that maybe it was from the store being updated or is there a problem on sony's end as I  was loading trophies the day before with no issues then then yesterday it toke forever plus I have hig speed internet connection?.

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Re: Loading Trophies Issue?

Sep 19, 2012

Didn't notice.  Sometimes I find it's faster or slower, but so long as it works, I have no worries.

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