Dec 30 2013
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Littlebigplanet karting updating problem, please help!

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I purchased littlebigplanet for christmas, hoping that i could play this game and enjoy, yet another, littlebigplannet game. When i tried to start up the game, it told me to update to version 1.02, so that is what I did.


This is where the problem erupted.


The updating bars just sat at 0% the entire time. When screen finally changed, it changed for the worse. It told me that there were errors with the updating. It told me to restart my system and router, with other steps following. None of this worked. Then the game told me to go to the psn forums and put in this code:

Code: " 80710723"


And I would get technical help. Please help so that i can continue to play online in littlebigplanet karting with my friends and so that I can buy the dlcs when they come out.

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