Jun 30 2011
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Linking PSN on GameBattles

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Hello, I have a question about linking my PSN to my GameBattles account.

I know how to do it and all, but when I go to link my PSN (I made a new one for my clan) it says that the server is down. No problem, I thought. Until I researched it and found a forum with someone asking about the same problem, and it was dated last month, likely a few days within PSN coming back online. we are a month later and still the server for linking PSN is down.

Any ideas when this feature will be back up? My clan would like to do clan battles, but we can't register until this issue is fixed.

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Re: Linking PSN on GameBattles

Feb 15, 2015

Did you ever get this resolved? I am currently having this problem

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