Feb 07 2011
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Killzone 3 Unlock Points Reedem Code Problem (Plz help!)

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Hi guys, this is my first post in these forums sine i'm having a problem with the code that i got from PSHome KZ3 Mini-game. I will try to explain everything that happened:  

Well, After I "Purchased" the KZ3 Open Beta from the PS Store, I decided to play the minigames at Home until it finishes downloading, at Home, i Finished all the challenges, and i redeemed the code I got as a reward thinking that the 3 points were added to my account. Later, when the Beta finished downloading i Installed It. In the Region selection, i accidentally chose Asia. and i thought that it could be a problem when trying to play with my friends, so i deleted it and started again (i realized later that you could change it in the game). then, playing i saw the option where you could spent your unlock points, but i didn't have anything. Could it be that the points were on the saved data that i deleted? if not, what should I do? plz help!

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Re: Killzone 3 Unlock Points Reedem Code Problem (Plz help!)

Feb 13, 2011

Maybe you have to wait until the game is launched, or try it again but with all the cases and such. If you still are having issues contact SONY right away.

The AUS number is:

1800 01 SONY (7669)


Sorry but I can't find the USA number so hopefully you live in Australia. Just look it up somewhere it's probably not hard to find. Good luck I hope I helped.

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