Nov 06 2013
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Killxone Shadow Fall pre-order

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Hello. This is my first forum post. I have enough money to pre-order "Killzone Shadow Fall" digital version but I don't have enough money to buy the Playstation 4. I'll have to get the Playstation 4 as a Christmas present this year. My question is, if I purchase the pre-order on November 14th and just before midnight on that date, can I still get the "Shadow Pack" pre-order bonus or is it too late? Also, I don't play multiplayer online due to Internet connectivity issues/problems and I was wondering if the "Shadow Pack" can be used offline without an active Internet connection? I'm specifically talking about the exclusive "OWL" skins and the "MP Spotlight Move", can these be used in offline multiplayer or do I have to be connected to the Internet to use these? I'm sorry if I'm confusing you. My apologizes. Thank you.



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