Sep 12 2013
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Jak X: Combat Racing HD Remake?

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Hello PS community! First of all, it's my first time posting on the Forums, so i hope i'm in the right section.

 But let's get to it:

Being that Jak X was one of the major titles in the series and appears to have been a big hit with all the fans, Will there be an HD remaster like the trilogy was released?. Jak X was one of my favourite games when I was younger and seems a tadbit odd that it wasn't re-released with the others. Ratchet Deadlocked was remastered in HD awhile ago. Why can't it happen for Jak X?

I'll be happy too if it was just released on PSN, but I do want the multiplayer available, because it was awesome on the Ps2!

What do you think guys?


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