Nov 29 2012
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Items Purchaced not showing as purchaced

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Ok I have called support multiple times and this has not been resolved. I purchaced Nights into dreams on oct 2, 2012. Then arround oct 30th I was browsing the store and saw nights. So I purchaced it again aftwards it showed purchaced in the store.  But then I had remembered I had already done so I checked my download history and psn emails and that was exactly the case. So I called sony. They told me they would need to refund both and I would need to repurchace it again. So i did and it still does not show purchaced. But I was charged and its in my download history


I am also noticing that some free PS+ content can not be redowned via the store becasue it gives me the error message " We're sorry this product cannot be pruchaced at this time." But I can do it via  the download history. However some other free ps+ content can be downloaded again from the store. . 



King of fighers XIII, infamous 2, llittle big planet, rachet and clank all 4 1  (cant be) 

Jetset radio (ps3) , quantum conundrum dungeon defenders and resident evil 5 gold can be and shows purchaced even though it was free. 


Phone support has been useless so far.



I think a batch update to reconcile the store to the download history/purchaces needs run so the store reflects what we already truly have cause mine is defiently out of sync.

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Re: Items Purchaced not showing as purchaced

Dec 1, 2012
I'm having the same problem. I contacted customer support and they refunded me the money for a game I had bought but wasn't showing as purchased.

I noticed I have the same problem with several other games (including Nights).

I think this is a problem with the new store and I hope they solve the issue soon. I'm starting to lose trust in the store.
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