Feb 23 2013
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Issues with PSN

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Every time I try to sign in to the playstation network it says "An error has occurred. (80010519). Sometimes it will let me log in but then when I try to play a game it says error with loading the trophy system and the screen goes blank, my system beeps a few times and shuts off with the red light on the front just blinking red. So I try to sync the trophy system with the server (when it lets me sign in) and it wont let me sync it. It stops at like 61%. I even get error messages when trying to watch a movie. This started a little after the latest update. I've tried changing setting with my internet and router. I've directly connected my internet cable in to the ps3. My internet connection is fine. When I do a connection test it succeeds until trying to connect with the PSN and then it fails. I can watch netflix after ignoring the sign in screen that comes up for the PSN. I have tried restoring my system to default settings.

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