Nov 13 2012
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Issues after system restore playing purchased game

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Ok I basically had a HDD loop issue on Friday so after trying for hours I system restored the playstation from the safe mode menu. I have 3 purchased from PS Store games that I obviously wanted to redownload from before. I also managed to save 1 key file onto a USB a few days reviously my Fifa 12 Virtual pro essentially throug copying personal settings 1 to USB.



So I redownloaded Black Ops and Fifa 12 then reinstalled them both. Black Ops runs as before perfect yet fifa seems extremely frayed.


My issue is having tested on another user on my system (To make sure it wasnt the reloading of Ppersonal settings causing the issue_ and it came back as the same result.


My internet speed is averaging out at around 16mb/s (Not what I paid for but thats Sky for you), my connection is perfect on any other game I play except this installed Fifa.


Here's the symptoms: Everytime I go into a lobby on it it's fine and normal, before kickoff when the ball is dead I move freely but when kickoff is taken all of a sudden my screen turns into a stuttering wreck and I lose connection  within around 2 real time minutes no matter what the game mode is.


I'm also experiencing micropauses on offline ultimate team constantly.


I genuinely have no clue what is wrong, my general question I suppose is can a downloaded game be downloaded corruptly and/or installed corruptly.


I should stress this only affects all online game modes the offline career mode etc is fine, I've never had an issue like this before the restore so I'm assuming this is no coincidence.


Any advice on what the issue could be and any action I can take would be appreciated.

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