Jan 27 2013
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Is there something wrong going on with my connection?

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So here's the problem I am for no reason being signed off not even within 20 minutes of being signed in even though I have a wirelessly connected deal going on of which I manually put things in like ip,security,etc.And even after testing out the connection in the network settings I get everything succeeding,an available upnp and a type 2 NAT and yet I'm still being signed off again and again to the point where I can time it and it keeps saying DNS error but when I check the router website and the run/cmd option I get the same numbers I input in the dns section of the settings on the console networks settings.Can someone please give me some kind of an idea of what could be going wrong here?Everything else at home connects fine like the laptop,ipad,itouch,etc.I even turned them all off and temporarily disconnected them to see if that's where the problem lied but nothing changed.So I ask again,can anyone please have some idea on what could be going on and will you please share it with me?

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