Jul 26 2011
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Is the any way to upgrade a sub-account into a master-account yet?

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When I first got my PS3, it seemed like a good idea. My dad had the  master account and my brother and I had sub accounts. Eventually my  brother ditched his sub account and created a new master account for  himself. But I've still been hanging onto my sub all these years.

I  don't want to make another account, as I've built up years of trophies  and save files on here that won't transfer over. Has anyone had success  with calling Sony to get their account switched over? I tried years ago, but was unable to. Has anything changed? With some DLC  items now being account-locked, it's important that I be able to make my  own purchases without having to go through the intermediary master  account's wallet.

It's annoying that there still isn't an option  built into the PS3 for the master account to upgrade a sub account. Is  there any way that this can be done? If not, I suppose they figured that  sub accounters would either stick with a sub account their entire life  or make the decision to ditch all their trophies and a lot of their  files so that they can make their own purchases.

Thanks in  advance!

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Re: Is the any way to upgrade a sub-account into a master-account yet?

Jul 26, 2011

Sorry no, this is not possible.


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