Jul 28 2014
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Invalid credit card?

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Psn refuses to acknowledge my cc information for some reason. Same cc I always use. Same info I have always put in. I always delete my information after every purchase. It wouldn't take so I got a psn card off of amazon using, gasp, the same cc and information so I could grab rogue legacy. What gives? Can't only be me.


EDIT: I see others are having the same issue. I have tried adding the information via the PS Store website, my ps4 and my ps3. I just said to hell with it and went to amazon. It is definately not on my end. Don't tell me to make sure my junk matches. Smiley Tongue It auto fills the details for gods sake with the information I've used in the past. I even refilled it out to make sure for some stupid reason lol. The same info works on amazon and other websites. The PSN wallet function is borked at the moment. My brother can't add his either. Smiley Very Happy Cheers!

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First Son
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Re: Invalid credit card?

Jul 31, 2014

Same problem cant add funds or pay anything, the credit card has been in my account since 2010 and now it presents problems this is bs sony fix this!

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