Jul 11 2011
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Internet Issues on PS3

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    I have been having internet speed issues with my PS3, as of about 1 and a half years ago.  I had seen that my ISP was providing 60Mbs compared to the 25Mbs that I had.  When I asked to upgrade, they said I would need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem/router.  I had a generic Linksys router, with a Zoom modem.  I was getting an average of 15Mbs download on my PS3 at the time.  Then they installed a new SMC router/modem combo, with the new 60Mbs connection, adn my PS3 speed hadn't changed, except the upload speed was a tad bit higher (1Mbs higher).  Since then, they have installed 2 Netgear routers, (one which was separate from modem, and one was a combo), the SMC multiple times, and a Ubee.

     Ever since then, it's been hell.  The internet bill is massive, and my PS3 speed is not.  I have my PS3 wired with a CAT 6 cable, which is about 25 ft.  I only have a max of two computers in the house online at any given time (A laptop, which is wireless, and a desktop that is wired).  I have done port forwarding, and put the PS3 in a DMZ, and have even gotten 3 different routers to see if this was the issue, and it was not.  When I would plug my laptop into the same ethernet cable as my PS3, I would do speed tests from multiple sites, such as, speakeasy, and Charer, and have gotten the correct speed (60Mbs download, 5 Mbs upload) that was being paid for.

     My friend, who has Charter as well, has wireless instead.  His router is in the basement, and his PS3 is on the middle floor, in his bedroom.  Whenever I go to Black Ops Theater Mode, he always downloads faster than me, and I have done a speed test on his system, and his speed is about the same, if not lower. I am at a COMPLETE loss for what to do, I have phoned anyone with a knowledge of this, to no avail.  I have already posted a topic on this, which was useless.  I have practically ruled out all of the excuses people keep giving me.  What in the name of God can I do now?

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