Jun 14 2014
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Internation purchases

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I am a north american Playstation consumer who sometimes receives european versions of playstation 3 games. I have received a used copy God Of War: Ascension (the EU version) and would very much like to play the game online. I know that I cannot use a north american online pass since this is the european version, so I created a PSN account based in the UK in order to buy an online pass from the EU servors. My problem is that PSN keeps declining my Paypal transactions and I don't understand why. I have contacted Paypal themselves and they have concluded that I should get in touch with you. I would like to know what is the problem and why can I not complete the transaction.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Internation purchases

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Jun 15, 2014

I'm guessing your PayPal is connected to a US credit card, so this may be a deal-breaker.


Euro PS Store doesn't accept funding from other regions' cards.




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