May 03 2014
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Intermittent sign-in issues with PSN and PS4?!

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So for the last week or two, I have noticed some weird intermittent problems with signing into PSN on my PS4. The type of things I am experiencing are things like my main profile signing in with no problem, but when my wife switches to her profile... It will not log her in. It gives her an error when she tries to retyoe her password... So then I go on the PSN website and log her in using the same password with no problem, after that... She is able to login on the PS4. This is just one wierd thing.. Recently, i have been getting issues when i go into BF4, it says it lost connection to the EA servers... Then if I turn off the PS4 and back on, the problems stops and everything is fine.

Another issue is when I do a network speed test, it almost always failed on the PSN step, even though I am clearly logged into PSN and can access the store and everything else that uses it.

I have troubleshot things on my end and it seems to be either a problem with the PSN or my PS4. I want to know if others are experiencing this type of stuff and if Sony has acknowledged these issues with the PSN. I have my PS4 on a fixed ip and have all necessary ports opened, fast connection, etc. i have not had any issues with the PS4 either so it leads me to believe it is PSN.
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