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Mar 15 2013
By: Danger_Dad PlayStation MVP 2845 posts

:^/ Incorrect region ID.

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:^/ I can log into PSN and these forums from my desktop PC with Linux, or my laptop PC with Windows, but when trying to do so with my PS3, I am informed that "The Family of Sony Entertainment Network services is not available in your courntry/region."


This is incorrect, of course. How do I determine which region my PS3 thinks it is assigned to, and how do I correct it?


;^) Thanks.

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Fender Bender
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Re: :^/ Incorrect region ID.

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Mar 15, 2013

Go read the FAQ questions section about forum use and youll see topics about this allready covered.

The PSN login for US has tempary blocked all PS3 web browser access untill it can be re-written to auto adjust when it detects the PS3 browser.

Web team engineers are lazy it could take months... While waiting you can move to the Much better but slower on PS3 EU forums. Remember when you post to give away that your only there while these are broke...  

HTML5 Video streaming from a LAN PC with PLEX on PS4 Browser

Amazon Fire TV owner... With alot of APKs side loaded..
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Re: :^/ Incorrect region ID.

Mar 16, 2013
I'm dealing with this issue too as of a few days back. You say it is effecting US users but I am also dealing with it although based in Canada. Sure is a frustrating issue.
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