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Incorrect name on battlelog

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Ok about a few weeks ago I went to get on battlefield three and accidently did it with my extra name on the ps3 and when I signed up for the online ea side because I thought my ps3 messed up and made me have to sign up again. I put the same email for ea online as my other account so Now on Battlelog I tried to sign up to join my brother in law on it and it is showing my extra's name but my main email. I have 2 accounts on my ps3. Ray for my name and ps1 games because I had an old psn account I forgot the password at first and got it back so I could download and play 2 ps1 games i downloaded. but I was wondering If i could get some help on how to change things around to where on Battlelog I can have Inoculah the actual ea name I'm suppose to have on email.

Battlelog problem:

correct email:

incorrect player name: Akinecro (old name)

Correct name should be: Inoculah.

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Re: Incorrect name on battlelog

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Aug 5, 2012

First, it is very difficult to understand what you have written.  I *think* I understand the jist of your problem, and will try to help.


It sounds like you want to change your Origin / Electronic Arts (EA) identification (ID).  If you need to know about changing information in your Origin/EA account, then refer to the post entitled “Updating Information In Your Origin / EA Account (version 2)”.  This post was made on Monday, February 20, 2012, in the following thread.  In particular, look at the "Changing Your Origin/EA ID" section.


As you may already be aware, your PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts have been updated to Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) accounts.  Your SEN online IDs are known as personas.  Both of your SEN personas can be (and probably should be) linked to the same Origin/EA account.  When you login to Battlelog (with your Origin/EA account information), you could then view information on both of your SEN personas.


It sounds like it may be helpful for you to learn more about the Origin/EA account system.  If you want to know more information on the Origin/EA account system before deciding what to do, then look for the post entitled “Overview Of The Origin / EA Account System (version 2)”.  This post was made on Friday, February 17, 2012, in the following thread.


I have tried to address your specific problem here.  If you're still having problems with Battlelog, I wrote an in-depth article on logging into it.  If you need to know more about logging into Battlelog, then refer to the post entitled “Information On Logging Into Battlelog (version 2)”.  This post was made on Monday, February 27, 2012, in the following thread.


I hope this helps!


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