Jun 17 2011
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Incorrect email or password

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I know this subject has been beaten into the ground, but I scoured the forums and nothing I've come across has helped me.

So here it goes for the millionth time.

I tried logging into the PSN a couple weeks ago and it informed me that I needed to change my password.  So I got the email, and I changed the password from my laptop.   Still told me that I had the incorrect password.  If I tried my old password it would give me the same message that I needed to change it.  But once I click Ok on that screen it just goes back to the login screen with no other information.

I've been trying to fix this problem at least once a week with no avail.  Now it's not even sending me an email when I click on "Forgot password"

I've reset my router/modem.  Several times.

My PS3 is connected to the internet, I have no problem browsing or anything.. it's just the network I can't sign into.

I tried entering in the DSN numbers manually.

I tried calling customer support and was put on hold for half an hour with no luck.

I miss playing online and I really just want to log in to the damn network.

Some friends of mine told me that they had to create a new account and that worked fine.  But I don't want a new account..  I don't feel like starting over fresh.

Please help?

***UPDATE  Ok so out of curiosity I created a new account.  I can log in to the network with that account with no problem.  But this doesn't solve my issue with my master account. 

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