Apr 12 2013
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[INFO] Spend $50 Get $10 Back!

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Hey all. There has been a ton of buzz going around about the "Spend $50 get $10 back" promotion. Don't worry! Everyone will be getting their rewards Smiley Happy We will be rolling out with the XMB messages tonight, 4/12, at around 11:00 PM PST. On 4/13 you should all receive emails associated with the PSN accounts confirming your qualification for the rewards!


To answer a few common questions:


How will the vouchers be delivered?

You will receive your vouchers via XMB which will be redeemable in the store. Emails will then be delivered after to confirm with similar messaging.


What if I spent more than $50?

You will get $10 back for each $50 you spent. So if you spent $100 you will receive $20 back. If you qualify, you will receive 1 voucher code that contains $20. 


I hope this answers some questions and clears things up!




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