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Across the Support Forums you will notice posts from other gamers tagged as ‘MVP Support’, the tags look like this: SupportMVPtag1.png .


Support MVPs are gamers who have been recognized by the PlayStation Forum Support team as being passionate about helping other gamers with technical troubleshooting.


Not only do Support MVPs get the option to be recognized for their efforts with the “MVP Support” forum tag, but they also receive access to a private community area where they can interact with fellow Support MVPs and the PlayStation Forum Support Team, as well as help report widespread issues.


Interested in becoming a Support MVP? First become an active support community member on the North American PlayStation Support Boards by helping other gamers. If you are what we are looking for, we will reach out to you.


- SolidWalker

PlayStation Support


Below are some of the PlayStation Support MVPs:


BBurgSteve Dead-Sync KANE-FIRE vfr_800_rider
Box9Missingo DGH_By_Bots kisuma1 younginflavor18
BRIT-KO Emerald_Swords MastrGT  
chaos_789 ExMimic RecklessOctopus  
ctfw529 glaciusx25 TwinDad  
da1writer JERM7 ValhallaOutcast  
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