Apr 18 2013
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I've been having major struggles connecting or staying connected to the PlayStation Network.

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In the past few weeks at least I've noticed problems with the Internet signing out my system at times. This has not been a big concern until recently this week when almost every single day I've been struggling to sign in for long periods of time or sign in again after getting booted. Either the system will sign in every once in awhile or it won't sign in at all for a long stretch of time.


There are periods when it will sign in but soon afterward sign me out again. It may reconnect for another few moments, or it may stay signed in for a while longer. And then of course there's the times when it will be hours until I'm able to reconnect. But, the Internet itself seems to be slower than usual at times. When opening the XMB menu and trying to read a message from my inbox from within a game, if I'm signed in then it will sometimes take maybe 20 seconds or more to allow me to interact with a message I'm reading since the system is using that time just to load up the avatar of the user who sent the message. Also, when trying to use Netflix this week, the system has been having problems with that. Most often the service won't load up if I'm signed in. I'll see the flashing gray boxes below, and then eventually a white "loading..." text below. Then afterward Netflix will pop up with a message that it's having trouble loading the service.


Sometimes my signal strength is good, but other times it drops to a lower percentage (sometimes it's in the 80% while other times it's in the 60s or 70s). I've contacted Sony about my issues, who basically referred me to my Internet provider. And calling them up what they're saying is there's nothing wrong with my connection. The connection works on my computer just fine, and my provider is saying there's nothing wrong with the connection. What they're telling me is that there's something wrong with the PlayStation 3's component that connects to the wireless signal (I forget what it's called).


Resetting the router numerous times this week already with little to no luck, I'm seriously looking for a solution here. Do you think I need to need to pay a lot of money to have my PlayStation 3 repaired? The system itself is in working order. If it's able to sign in still, I don't see why it's being thought of that the system needs a repair to find the Internet signal. Do these things that find the Internet signal go bad? Or, is the Internet the problem? I really have no idea what's wrong.

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